Sample Elevator Pitch 

Read these helpful tips.

"Hello Representative/Senator _______.

My name is _____________and I am a(n) adoptee/parent by birth/adoption. I am one of your constituents who is involved with FLARE (know what the acronym stands for), and support the group's mission to increase truth and transparency in adoption.

Are you aware that, from statehood until 1987, Florida adult adoptees could receive a copy of their original birth certificate without having to obtain permission from a court? But now, Florida has one of the most restrictive laws in the country. We're trying to correct that.     


Have you heard about the recent bills to restore access to original birth certificates to adult adoptees? I support bills like this because... (share a brief personal story about how changing the law would impact you and your family.)

It would make a tremendous difference if you would be willing to vote yes, or better yet, cosponsor (Bill #)/ any similar bills introduced this session. 


Can I count on your support? May I provide your contact information to our legislative liaison? They would be happy to answer any more in-depth questions.